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More than 800 companies and more than 12000 individual users worldwide are already using Business Control Systems!






System Monitoring Home

The product is intended to monitor a child’s actions on his home computer. It enables you to know everything your child does on his computer during your absence.
  • Monitoring of every action made on a PC
  • Complete information interception entered by means of a keyboard
  • Clipboard information interception
  • Web monitoring: sites, social networks (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc), chat-rooms 
  • Monitoring of instant messaging programmes: Skype, ICQ, AIM, Miranda, QIP/QIP Infium etc
  • Monitoring of e-mail programmes 

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System Monitoring Professional

The product is specially designed for maximum control of every action of the personnel on their work computers. The programme allows obtaining information about each employee activity in the form of visual records for any period of time.
  • Complete information interception entered by means of a keyboard
  • Computer activity monitoring
  • Web monitoring: social networks, chat-rooms, e-mail programmes
  • Work productivity and intensity graphics and diagrams modeling 
  • Work time registering and idle time registering
  • Work accounts  
  • Many other things
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Statistics of Work Time

Using this product one can always increase employees work productivity.
By installing Statistics of Work Time on personnel’s computers, one can always obtain detailed statistics of their work:
  • Clock in/Clock out time
  • Active programmes
  • Time periods when programmes are active
  • Work intensity during a work day
  • Personnel work analysis in the form of charts
  • By using diagrams to find out to what programmes and resources personnel give preference 
  • Complete picture of personnel productivity in the form of charts and diagrams
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What does the BCS software give you?

1.  It enables to increase personnel work time productivity

Business statistics systems ("Statistics of Work Time” and "System Monitoring Pro”) determine the efficiency of the personnel work time. A clear picture of the personnel work time efficiency enables to take effective measures directed at increasing productivity of the personnel work. This programme allows you to determine to what extent your personnel can be more productive and additional financial resources it can bring you.

2. It enables to effectively monitor the personnel every action on their work computers.

System Monitoring Pro in automatic mode gathers information which programmes and their functions are most frequently used by the personnel and the time they spend on it. The collected information analysis enables to timely detect and eliminate the licks of confidential information, password changes and many other things.

3. It enables to monitor the personnel presence at their work places

If quality of the services provided to your clients depends on it.

Business Statictics systems ("Statistics of Work Time” and "System Monitoring Pro”) enable without expenses on costly equipment monitor clock-in and clock-out times, dinner break and resumption of work and personnel presence on their work places as well.

4. It enables to control work of freelancers and contractors

If your company employs freelancers and non-staff employees, a specific control problem arises – it is not always clear   how long it takes to fulfill an assignment, if there is any progress in its realization. Besides, difficulties arise in collecting information about a current state of the assignment. Having these programmes of monitoring and statistics at your disposal you can at any moment determine the stage of the current work, and avoid differences when payment is done.

5. Discipline and Motivate

Finally, work time registration implementation disciplines the personnel. But it is not worth forgetting about motivation. Business statistics systems BCS enable to determine the most efficient employee. Always take this possibility in consideration.

The line of Business Control Systems includes a programme designed to monitor home computers use.

System Monitoring Home – it is a specially designed software intended to monitor your child’s actions on his computer.

Parents are supposed to have complete information about their child’s actions on the computer. This information helps parents protect the child against possible troubles and help the child to solve the problems he hesitates to tell about.

Before using the BCS Products please read the instructions:

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25 Soborna Street
Khmelnitsky, Ukraine.

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You are entitled to install any software on your own personal computer including covert monitoring programmes ("System Monitoring Home” and "System Monitoring Professional”). You are entitled not to inform other users of your computer about the monitoring. If you install monitoring programmes ("System Monitoring Home” , "System Monitoring Professional”) or a statistic programme (Statistics of Work Time) on other person’s computer and the owner does not know about it , you breach the law.
(on other persons’ computers without their consent, your actions are illegal.)

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